Corporate Guidance

Opening the Future by High Technology

 In 1992, SUNTEC Corp. started as an automation / laborsaving machine manufacturer who fused a mechanism and electronics as a main axis. The veterans who had skillful work with the highly motivated young men cooperated each other, and has sent out the equipment of many kinds to the world.

 Beginning with medical and food fields, our company handles die-casting peripheral equipment and various kinds of inspection equipment, and recently does FPD (liquid crystals and PDP) related inspection and photolithography machines, and we have obtained patronage from a wide range of customers as a special manufacturer of in highly precise material handling and conveyance fields.

 It is because the foundations of an order received are ODM (equipment manufacturer including the design and development by the brand of a partner). Since we receive from the very development, it is our responsibility once we have accepted it. These foundations were kept stubbornly, and we have gained customers’ reliance.

 We will not forget these foundations even in the future, but a new theme is challenged positively, and we will strive for the acquisition of higher quality and technology, and we wish we would like to contribute to customers and the society through making better equipment. Moreover, the morals as a person are observed and sincere correspondence is always kept in mind, and we think that we would like to be the employees and the company which are trusted by customers and act.

 You will give us much more guidance and encouragement in the future, and we need your support and help.

Corporate Philosophy

Observance of Morals

Company Trusted by Customers  Sincere Dealing with Customers The colleagues of SUNTEC Corp. considers “morals” in the first place rather than anything else.

The Action (check by yourself if you feel problematic)!
1 Can you tell the colleagues of the company or the family members with confidence?
2 Don’t you think that it is OK, if not found?
3 Don’t you repent later?

“The company which cannot observe morals not only suffer damages but also disappear.