From Inquiry to Delivery of Goods and Support

Design and Manufacture of Automation, Laborsaving, Industrial and Custom-made Equipment

We will take the time for an arrangement and hear the information required for customers’ image and equipment design. Since a concept figure is started based on the image, please do not hesitate to consult us even if detailed specifications have not been decided. From a new design to local installation and adjustment, we will help you totally.

Moreover, we also manufacture the equipment which has employed the core technology of customers.
If you think that you would like to request to an outside company the design and manufacture of conveyance, transfer, etc. other than core technology, please leave it to SUNTEC Corp. which performs consistent system from a design to local installation and adjustment.

Manufacture Flow

  • Inquiry and Consultation

    Inquiry and Consultation

    Please consult us by phone or through an inquiry form on Homepage.
    We think that we should like to carry out an arrangement if we can take time for the meeting.

  • Hearing, Proposal and Quotation Presentation

    Hearing, Proposal and Quotation Presentation

    An installation layout chart, equipment outside dimensions, a utility position, maintenability, and a system configuration are considered, and the equipment is visualized.
    We will consult you about the budget and delivery, and we will present the quotation. Please order, if the quotation is satisfactory.

  • Design


    Talented engineers strong in each field of automation, laborsaving and conveyance will take charge.

  • Parts Manufacture

    Parts Manufacture

    An intra-company processing section will beat sheet metal, weld it, and process it one by one and carefully.

  • Assembly


    While the skilled workers check the state and accuracy of parts, equipment is assembled with high precision exactly according to drawings.

  • Wiring Work

    Wiring Work

    We will cope with wiring work based on the wiring standard of your company and overseas-oriented wiring standard.
    We will do the wiring work in keeping in mind “outlook appearance of beauty.”

  • Adjustment, Debugging

    Adjustment, Debugging

    A series of confirmation operations, such as a manual operation, an automatic operation and unusual processing, are performed one by one so that there is no leak of the operation.

  • Packing, Shipment

    Packing, Shipment

    We will cope with usual packing and double packing for clean rooms.

  • Local Installation, Restoration

    Local Installation, Restoration

    We, SUNTEC Corp. will cope with the installation of equipment domestically as well as overseas.

  • After-sales Service

    After-sales Service

    We will support customers by coping flexibly with troubles or failure.